Caerleon Arts Festival 2005
Gerard Ducret

Gerard's work is made up of two pieces which dovetail together, these were obtained by carefully dividing the length of the trunk. It depicts a maul, or scrap, between a single Celt and several Romans. The soldiers are carrying belongings including an earthenware pitcher - but they want to take what the native of the area has. The Celt is desperately clinging on to a seed, for this is important to him and his people.

Gerard explained that as well as creating good forms he likes movement in his work.

Could it represent a far more recent activity? Well yes, of course, a rugby scrum comes to mind. It's up to the viewer to decide.

Our montage above shows Gerard's sculpture outside the new visitors' centre overlooking the rugby fields. The photographs were taken on a frosty December morning shortly after the work was sited.

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