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What's On In Caerleon 2017

Events In The National Roman Legion Museum

National Roman Legion Museum, High Street, Caerleon NP18 1AE.
Tel: 0300 111 2 333
Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 2pm - 5pm.
Open most public holidays, ring to confirm.
National Museums & Galleries of Wales
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Exhibitions At The Roman Legion Museum

War, What Is It Good For?
11 February 2016 – 16 January 2017
As the song says ‘absolutely nothing’. But is that true? As horrific as war is, are lessons learnt?
This small exhibition highlights the medical advancements that have occurred during wars throughout time, focusing on those developed during the First World War and by the Roman army.

Events and Talks

Every Saturday
Super Saturdays!

Every Saturday visitors can enjoy a visit to the reconstructed barrack room and the Capricorn Centre. No booking required just ask for details on arrival.
Barrack room talks - 11.30am 12.30pm, 2pm and 3pm:
Discover what life was like for a soldier in the Roman army. Visit the reconstructed barrack room and meet a facilitator who will show you the weapons and armour that the Romans used to fight off the Celts. Also a great chance for children and adults to try on some replica armour.
Capricorn Centre – open 11am until 4pm:
A relaxed area of the Museum where families can dress-up and play games.
Please note that children must be supervised by an adult at all times and that both the barrack room and Capricorn Centre are closed on Sundays – but will be open during some school holidays.

20 – 24 February
Roman Boot Camp
Come and meet two Roman soldiers who can show you what life was like in the Roman army. You’ll also be able to make a craft shield to take out with you when you learn your Roman battle drill. So, quick march, book your place!
Workshops at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm.
£2 per child.

8 – 23 April
Prize Easter Trail
No need to feel ‘sheepish’ when you hunt down the escaped flock around the Museum and then claim your prize…
£1 per person

14 – 17 April
Easter in the Museum
Join our Roman soldier in the Barrack Room this Easter weekend as he tells you about life in the Roman army.
Get crafty by making a traditional Roman decoration for a tree, an ‘oscilla’. You’ll decorate it with a sheep.
Oscilla were normally clay figures or masks that were hung in the trees at some country festivals. It is possible that originally human sacrifices were made and these clay figures took their place. This is where the word ‘oscillating’ or ‘moving back and forth’ comes from as the oscilla swung when they were hung in the trees.

29 May – 2 June
Become a Legend!
Put yourself into a Roman hero’s shoes, like Hercules, as you listen to story of their deeds. Then if you feel like acting out some of battles, join the gladiator training to become an awesome fighter.
Gladiators were the sports stars of their day, although they held the lowest place in the society. Some were very famous and gladiator sweat could be sold as souvenirs! If the gladiator lived long enough, he might be given his freedom, symbolised by a wooden sword, a rudus.

21 July – 3 September
Summer in the Museum
There’s plenty to keep you occupied at the Museum this summer.
 If you’re feeling competitive then try our prize trail around the Museum.
Chat to the Roman soldier in the Barrack Room about what life was like in the army.
Archery in the Museum
Take aim and shoot! Move over Robin Hood and Katniss, it’s your turn to have a go at getting a bullseye.
£3 per person. Drop in.

30 October – 3 November
October Half Term
Make a Roman tile with a scary face on it, an antefixa, out of clay. You can add warts, fangs or horns, whatever you think will keep the ghosts and goblins away!
And while you’re in the Museum, can you catch the ‘Spookémons’ living in the Museum using the special IPad app?
Antefixa were put on the edges of roofs to scare away evil spirits and offer protection to the house, very much like gargoyles. You find lots of different things on antefixa, not just faces, such as sun symbols or dolphins.
Join in at the Museum to celebrate the festival of Saturnalia, the Roman winter festival like Christmas. There'll be partying with food, Roman to try and modern to buy, playing games the Romans would have played and making a craft sun as this was the time to welcome the return of the sun!
The celebrations are part of ‘Christmas in Caerleon’ with activities going on throughout the village during the day.
11am – 4pm

Please check with the museum before making a special journey and to confirm times and prices of events.

In And Around Caerleon

Saturday, 27. May 2017, 11am.
Caerleon Charity Funday.