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I am searching for descendants of Olwen Jones born Caerleon about 1925, parents were Frederick and Magwen Jones who lived at 29 The Broadwalk, Caerleon.

I am interested in any information regarding Martha Jane Stoddart, 8 Uskside (died 1936) and/or William Sargent, haycutter, (died 1947). In Brian Blythe's essay, he mentions William and his wife Winnie - particularly interested in any information regarding this couple.

My name is Frank Davies and I live in Australia.  I am looking for any information at all re Edith Morgan born about 1876 in Mamhilad, Monmouthshire.  Her father was Charles, a farmer of Llantrissent and mother Sarah.  Edith married my grandfather, Herbert Charles Davies from Usk, on the 4th of September 1924 at Llangattock juxta Caerleon and gave her address as 11 Broad Walk Caerleon. She was 48 years old when she married.

My name is Ceri Bladen and I'm originally from Lodge Hill, Caerleon. I have recently published a book, 'Isca', on Amazon. It is historical fiction based on Caerleon during Roman/Ancient Briton times. It is available in both Kindle and paperback versions. Link

I am looking into my Mum's family history for her. Archibald Hay lived in Caerleon in 1911 according to that particular cencus. He was my Mum's Grandfather. My Mum is now 84 and remembers some things but others are a bit vague.She was born in Cross Street in 1929 at number 12. My husband and I were there last week (our 4th visit) but the house is no longer there. Mum says it was a tea shop?  We also went to the library in Newport so I could do a bit of research on Great Grandpa Hay. I know he was in charge of cargo and was based in an office there and also travelled on board with the cargo. I wrote down all the names of the shipping companies and Agents but was unable to go further to find out which one he worked for. He came from London to work in Newport.  He lived at Ivy Villa and Brynberri but I couldn't find either property. Is there anyone who could help me my search?

Message from Andrew Roberts: I have a facebook page called Caerleon Expats and would like to hear from anyone who is from Caerleon. You can post your stories, photos etc.

I am currently researching some family history and my journey has taken me to a children's home in Llanhennock. I am interested to hear from anyone who knows of this home or spent time there between 1957 and 1960. Email:

I have researched my family history for years and traced them back to the Caerleon area. I was wondering if anyone has any information on the Burleson line? I know of 2 brothers who came to America around1695 or 1710. Their names were Aaron Burleson, and Edward Burleson. I would greatly appreciate any help. Email:

I am trying to identify my grandfather whose name was Leonard Sexton, who I believe died on 08 Jan 1940 aged 52 and was buried at Llangattock Junta Caerleon. Can anyone advise me the way forward? My mother was Nancy Elaine Evans and she told me that Leonard was a boxer. Email:

Rosina Radnedge was born in 1886 in Bristol. She was one of eleven children and sister to my grandmother.. In 1905 Rose married George Jones, around 1913 they left Bristol and moved to Wales. I know they lived at Ponthir as I have lots of photos of them all having tea in the garden. The only info I have on Rose is she had 6 children -   Edwin, David, Alfred, Enid, Horace, and Audrey, also I have several photo's of a young airman I believe to be Horace, I do know he emigrated to Australia in the 1970s. I believe also Rose had a fish and chip shop somewhere in the Newport area. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Margaret Gooding, please email:

My great uncle, Clarence Albert Pratt Porter was born in Caerleon in 1885 and died in Norfolk in 1932, a hero, rescuing one of his Scouts from the Sea at Winterton-on Sea. Somewhere I have the address of the house where he was born. He was extraordinarily well-loved. His father, my great grandfather, married Mary Elizabeth Morris in St Cadoc's in 1884. He was 30 years older than she and they died 30 years apart. Mary Elizabeth's father was John Albert Morris, a surgeon. I would like to find out more about Mary Elizabeth and John Albert. It's a bit difficult, Morris being a fairly common name and overshadowed by William Morris, the designer. Email:

I vividly recall that in the classroom of Caerleon primary school, facing the old doctors surgery of Dr Reynolds, there was a roll of honour situated above the entrance door. Is this still in existence please? and if so could anyone please remind me what names appear on this scroll. Email: lyndon.watts@NTLWORLD.COM

I was wondering if anybody could tell me the name of the marching band that practiced within Caerleon comprehensive during the 1990s? Also would like to hear peoples opinions on starting up another local marching band in the area? Email:

Death of Dr Rhys, Although living abroad for some years, my trips back were always sealed with a coffee with Russell Rhys at The Ffwrwm. We worked to put caerleon on the map in the late 60's and protect its enourmous heritage. I was so sad to hear that he had passed away last October, and just wonder if he had expressed any preference for any charity where one may make a token gesture.
I regret that he will now never make the trip he threatened to make for some time subject to health - to the Royal Library here in Brussels which is reputed to contain manuscripts relevant to the Camelot - Caerleon story/claims, but if anyone should want to take over the baton, do contact me. mwronebay at yahoo dot com

I am eager to locate any photographs of Caerleon during the V.E. day street parties, especially the one held in the square in Backhall Street outside the London public house. Equally is there any photographic record of the dwellings in Norman Street that once occupied the 'WASTE' land opposite numbers one to five. These were existent up to about 1935. Email:  Editors note: The Caerleon Net team would like to locate these photos too, and any other interesting Caerleon related pictures. Contact us.

I am searching for Richard and Keziah Lewis, their two sons were John Chard Lewis b.1807 and Richard Limbury Lewis b. 1811 in Caerleon Monmouthshire, I am particularly interested in Keziah, I have no surname for her. Email:

A CAERLEON BICENTENARY. 200 years ago my Great Great Grandfather James Green was married to Mary Morgan in St. Cadoc's Church. ( 17th.October 1810). James was a wiredrawer at the local tin and wire works, Mary was a local lass. They lived on the Common.
James's 4th.son was my Great Grandfather - John. He married Maria Waters (29/09/1839). He was a Cordwainer, a leather worker making mainly boots and shoes. They lived at Ashwell, Caerleon-ultra- Pontem. In later life he took over from his brother as Postmaster at Caerleon and lived at the Post Office in Cross Street.
John' son Edwin was my Grandfather. His second marriage was to Florence Davey from Plymouth. He took over both the cordwainers business and as Postmaster still living at Cross Street. They had 4 sons.
John's youngest son was my father Russell Green. He married Constance Marsh who lived on the Common. They had a house built at the Broadway where all 3 of their sons were born. Russell was Clerk to the Caerleon U.D.C. and Superintendant Registrar for B.M. & D's for the Caerleon District. He was also a trustee of the Williams' Charity and a governor of the Charity Schools.
I'm Martin Green the youngest son, I've been living in Caerleon for the last 36 years and was born , brought up and educated here and at West Mon, Pontypool.
So you can see that our branch of the Greens have been here continuously for 200 years. There were Greens in Caerleon long before 1810 as far back as 1680 but I can't find the link to any of them.
I would be happy to hear from anyone that thinks they might related to us. Also I would be very very pleased to hear from anyone who has found the link between us and the earlier Greens.

I attended Caerleon College 1955 - 1958 and would like to make contact with students of that era. Kenneth Williams, email:

I am researching my family tree. I would be grateful for any information regarding my great grandmother Doris May Dixon nee Evans, commonly known as Maisie. She moved to Caerleon in 1934 as a newly married lady living in Caerleon opposite St Cadocs. Prior to this she worked as a undermaid at Tredegar House. Sarah Catherine Haslam, email:

Can anyone loan/direct me to old pictures of the Ashwell/Belmont Hill area which I could use in my book about ancient Caerleon - perhaps of the old bridge mentioned below? Following one of the now frequent road accidents on Belmont Hill I was told of one such by a colleague at the university. Some time ago he was travelling up 'Hell Hill', as we now know it, when, as he approached the King’s Arms, his journey was halted abruptly. A large hole had appeared in the road in front of him. Too late! Despite their relatively slow speed, both driver and car disappeared into the rift. An old oaken bridge, which had simply been covered over during the construction of the modern road, had finally submitted to the continuous, calamitous clatter of cars, coaches, trucks, tractors and gigantic juggernauts. Fortunately my colleague was uninjured and his car was replaced but one wonders whether more creaking, croaking brothers of this stout old stalwart might lie lurking dragon-like ‘neath the ancient wretched routes of Caerleon just itching, in final vengeful gesture, to gobble up a tractor or two...   Please contact

Does anybody have any knowledge of the Banner family who were Tanners in Caerleon?
Please email:

I was wondering if there were any Watkins left in Caerleon that I might be related to. My Grandfather John Godfrey Watkins was born in Caerleon in 1875. His father was Octavius Watkins who married Emma Griffin, born in Flax Bourton. My grandfather moved away from Caerleon at the turn of the last century and after a short time in Colwyn Bay, where my father (also called John Godfrey Watkins)was born, moved to Essex. I have details of the Watkins family tree going back to about 1773 and would love to hear from anybody still living in Caerleon who might be a relative. Gareth E Watkins email address:

My father, John Atkinson (known as Jack), was the owner of the Bulmore Lido. My parents were tenants of the Bell Inn from the late 50s until we went to live at the Lido in caravans which were placed at the end of the Ladies changing rooms. I went to the Caerleon Infant and Junior Schools from 1958 to 1963 and remember Primrose Hockey when she was Headmistress of the Junior School. I would love to hear from any classmates. Sarah Harford nee Atkinson - email on

My father was born in Caerleon in 1909 his name was Robert John Stewart. I know my grandfather was living there when he was 21, he was born in 1880. My grandfather had had at least 2 brothers - John Arthur Frederick & Earnest Rupert Stewart and they lived in Ash Cottage in 1914. If there are any relatives still living in Caerleon I would love to hear from them. If anyone can help please email Linda Cousins (nee Stewart).

I am tracing my family history and am interested in an Evan Rees and his wife Elizabeth who lived in Caerleon from about 1851 to their deaths in 1898 Evan and 1891 Elizabeth. They lived at Backhall Street. Evan was a Stone Mason. Is anyone able to tell me any graveyards in Caerleon where they may have been buried? I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who also has an interest in this family. Glyn Rees

Sue Barrell here - taught Geography at Caerleon from 1972-1993, alongside Ralph Tuck, Warren Parker. Quite frequently I've been recalling those times and wondering what happened to all those students who I had the pleasure to teach. I'm still in the USA, living in New Jersey. My email address is should anyone have the time and inclination to contact me with news. Be well. Be happy. Sue.

Looking for info on the Ponthir post office, Llanvrechva Lower Street. My father -Wilfred Ernest TOWNSEND was born to parents Richard Ernest TOWNSEND and Amy Selina (COOK) 3rd Jan 1905. Anyone old enough to remember or others with info please email me at: Hopeful Peter Townsend. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada.

I am looking for biographical and general information about the late Professor Gabriel, described by Primrose Hockey in her book "Caerleon Past and Present" as Professor of History at Caerleon College of Education. He was actively involved in historical research relating to Caerleon, and made a number of important archaeological discoveries in the 1930's and 40's. - in particular of Roman burials. I have access to his large collection of notes and records which I hope to catalogue for the benefit of other researchers.
Bob Trett, 31 Goldcroft Common, Caerleon NP18 1NG
Tel. 01633 423414
e mail: web site:

I have just started researching my family history. I am trying to find out any details concerning William Mclaughlin, who I believe was a Blacksmith in Museum Street around 1936. I know he is listed in Johns directory in 1936 along with Lorna Nash, Telephone Call Operator at No 7 Museum Street. Other than this I have no knowledge. Any help would be appreciated. Email: Adrian Robinson

I'm led to believe that motorcycle world champion Gary Hocking, described throughout his career as Rhodesian, was in fact born in Caerleon. It is also possible that following his tragic death at a South African car race in 1962, his body was brought back to Wales for burial. Extensive web searches have so far failed to confirm any of this. Having discovered Caerleon.Net today I thought I'd try to get help from the website. Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks. Stephen G Powell:

In John's Directory of 1934, there is a Mrs. Catherine Underwood living at no. 2 Tram Lane. Does anyone remember her or the family please? Any information will be gratefully received. Email: Sue Waller

I have found a relative, named Thomas Scriven, living in Mill Street in 1836 who was a Cordwainer. Has anyone come across this man please? His wife's name was Susan and his daughter was Dianisha. My name is Hilary Gillespie and my e-mail is